Monday, 28 January 2013

News for 2013

This is news about my writing
I get bored halfway through writing these, so I'll keep it short
This year I'm hoping to pick a few select writings and finish them all the way through. That's the good news
The other good news is Hunger Games Fanfic is going to be finished, and I've got several new ideas
The bad news is that anything I think might get to get published, Stolen, Heroes of a Super Variety and Elements, will no longer be put on the blog
I no longer feel comfortable putting things that could one day be part of my living where anyone can see it. In a few months, anything not a fanfic or doesn't have any hope of me publishing it will be taken down as well. I've trusted you with the beginnings of my stories, and I hope I can keep trusting you not to misuse them.
Besides, they're all rough drafts, and I've got a lot of ideas about how to make them all better.
So expect 2013 to be mainly a Fanfic year. I'm sorry about that. Bellow is a list of stories that are going to be taken down

Stolen: Chapter 1 and 2
Heroes of a Super Variety: Prologue, and Chapters 1 and 2
The Element: Prologue and Chapter 1

Everything else will either continue, or just stop. I'll also be taking down information on some of my stories as well

Hope you enjoy my Fanfic year of 2013



    Alright. . . *sigh* *waves arms* Do what you must. . .

  2. Good luck writing to get published!
    *cheers him on*

  3. I know how you feel! I try to avoid posting anything I might want to publish... After all, the internet is the birthplace of plagiarism!