Saturday, 5 January 2013

My World of SP

So, just to let you know, there are three aspects of my SP writing for now on
Nixion Strange one, which has no cannon characters. Anything that has Nix, or any other Blogland created characters
Skul and Val, which is mainly about them
And the other one which I'm just calling My World of SP, for now.
This means it's all connected. So this SP fanfic will contain Skul and Val in bits, but most of it will journey, from Ireland, with Tenacious and a criminal empire building, to America, where sinister plots are unfolding, to Italy, when mysteries are starting to rise, to Russia, with big problems, to god knows where else
Eventually, with any luck, My World of SP will come together some what. It's going to take a long time, and Skul and Val will only play a minor part, with characters I've created playing major parts. A lot of this is inspired by the forums, but I'll also be changing a lot.
Hope you have fun reading, because I'll have run writing
But I need just one thing from you- I need you to tell me where you'd like chapter one to take place. I can make it happen anywhere. In Ireland, America, Italy, Russia or if you really REALLY want, you can recommend another country and I'll make a minor chapter from that country
So comment, and wait for it to happen


  1. Ooohh! Goodies!
    Russia, I agree. Or Italy.
    Can't wait. This series... I HOPE I can keep up.

  2. Ooh! Italy! I want to read the mysteries starting to rise!

  3. Greece! Japan! Peru! Brazil! Bolivia! Canada! Kazakhstan! Libya! Egypt! Kenya! Sweden!

  4. Oh snap, I almost forgot India and Hungary. *facepalm*

  5. Aaaand Russia is the winner
    Chapter one will be a while away, cause I can't write on this computer
    Need my laptop back
    So just be patient