Thursday, 20 September 2012

One last idea post

After this I'll put up some actual writing, I promise
Just a couple more ideas

The War-
This is either going to be good, or crash and burn completely. I'm going to try and write what I think happened in the war in SP, from start to finish, using the limited infomation from the books. I can either start now, or wait until SP is finished and get more infomation. We do get more and more info ever book.

The usual SP fanfic. Young mage is a fighter, and does stuff. Plot details to be worked out later

Camp of the Damned-
My horror/thriller idea I mentioned before. I got an idea
Kids go to camp. Normal, right? Except strange things are happening, and campers are being picked of one by one. I hope it turns out well.

The Protectors-
The Angels are the protectors of the world. Unknown and hidden, they keep humanity safe from the evil that plauges it. This is the story of a young angel, destinied to either be a great protector... or die

And finally

(Name to be chosen)
I'm going for the old fashioned, rarely used by me, childish story. Children going on a adventure sort of stuff. I never really liked this sort of stuff, it was slightly unrealalistic to me, but I'll give it a go.

Up next- Heroes of the Super Variety chapter 2


  1. Yay for War! XD

    I hope Camp of the Damned gets written, published and made into a movie by 2014.

  2. Jesus Nix lol fair play to you. I'm dangerously jealous lol
    All I can think about is Dublin Daes and nothing else.

    I look forward to reading every single one of those ideas when they start to build.

  3. HOW MANY IDEAS, NIX??????

    I can't possibly tell you which ones I like best, because I keep forgetting them all! I'm giving you a general opinion of everything on here as it'd take me forever to find the right post . . .

    The SP War thing sounds awesome and I'd love to read it, but yes, I think you should wait until the end of book nine, because if you don't you'll have to keep rewriting and you'll just get annoyed . . .

    Horror is always welcome. Unless it freaks me out so much I start hating it, in which case I still greatly respect the author. So yeah.

    Not OVERLY looking forward to the kid's story thing, because like you said - it's unrealistic . . .

    I love funny stories. They make me laugh. (Irrelevant piece of information: Sometimes I give my sister a book that had me laughing out loud lots of times, and then she just reads the whole thing without laughing once. I don't get it. Out of all the Percy Jackson books, I think she laughed at saying hello to the poodle and the dam restroom and that was it. She's so weird.)

    How do you and Lynxia and Flame and people get so many ideas? It is BEYOND ME.

    Oh, and Heroes of a Super Varity has an awesome title and is so far looking t be pretty awesome itself.

    Also, don't write anything you don't want to write. I'm not just being kind here; if you don't want to write something, then when you force yourself to you won't write as well and when you want to write, so the stories you want to write will be better stories.

    I have no more smart thoughts on your writing, and not even any more stupid ones either, so this comment must end . . .