Sunday, 16 September 2012

Let's add a couple of more ideas to the mix

From here on in, I'll be informing you of all the new ideas I get
Also, read the post before this one

The Stories of Camp Half Blood
The stories of campers who don't go on quests and stuff. I'd like to write this, it really goes into the their personal lives.

Old Magic
The story of two young magicians who are very talented, but fairly stupid. They go on a quest and stuff. Based in medieval sort of times. I'll try and make it funny

The Other Half of It
Every person is born with their Another. Their Another can be their friend, lifelong companion, or their servant. They have total control over their Another, or so they thought. But what if it was possible for an Another to kill their master.
I dunno how this idea'll go.

The Best and Brightest
SP based. The Sanctuary decides to collect the best and brightest mages of a young age, and teach them. I just came up with the idea today, so it'll need some changing.

The Secret
After a unfortunate school bus accident where no one survived, and no bodies were even found, Johnny had lost his best friend. But when one of the children from the school bus knock on Johnny's door, things aren't as they seem. Johnny learns that trust is a virtue long gone, and if he wants to survive, he has to learn what happened.

The Scream
Thriller sort of writing. Haven't got the details worked out yet.

Without a Pause
Time travel stuff. Details to be worked out later

More ideas to come


  1. Sounds good! I like the Another thing and the PJ fan fic!!

  2. Awesome. Liking the sound of The Secret a lot.

  3. Too many things in your head at once Nix. I can't believe you manage to come up with all this so easily!

    I honestly can't give an opinion, I'd be happy with anything. Of course if I suddenly decide you MUST do a certain thing I'll let you know.