Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Camp of the Damned: Prologue

“Never mistake silence for weakness. No one plans a murder out loud”


Sometimes, things just happen. Sometimes, people crash a car. Sometimes, people fall over. Sometimes, people go insane. Sometimes, people decide to kill others.

Trust me when I say sometimes, when things happen, it’s something you don’t want.

I didn’t want this. No one wanted this. No one who heard about it wanted this, but the people involved especially never wanted this. Except for one.

Dear god I wish this had never happened. The camp was the worst thing that could possibly come to anyone’s mind. This camp was hell- No, worse than hell.

This camp cost lives. This camp cost everything

This was the camp of the damned.

So yeah, that was the begining of my horror/thriller. The spirit of Halloween told me to write this. I don't even celebrate Halloween in the slightest.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the start, hopefully more to come with some actual things happening