Monday, 2 July 2012

Operation Take Over Ireland Now: Chapter One

Do you like my title? Subtle, no?

Zafira Kerias walked forwards, following the Sanctuary agent in front of her. It was the dead of the night, and the normal people were safe in bed. The only ones out were the people with no lives, the people who were too drunk to have the sense to go home… and the people who weren’t all that human.
Zaf was a Necromancer, from the East Coast Temple. Not the West Coast, never the West Coast. She was in Ireland at the moment, following a Sanctuary agent. She knew almost nothing about the agent, only that she was key to the plans. The plans to take over Ireland.

Emerald Melody was walking down the street, late at night in Dublin. She had just left an important meeting with someone. Normally, these meetings would be at Roarhaven, but it wasn’t everyone’s favourite place. So, sometimes, the meetings would be somewhere else. She had to admit, it made travel easier, considering she lived in Dublin.
She was an important Sanctuary agent. Not an Elder, but in a few years, she could be well on the way to becoming one.  Of course, she was more than an important agent. She was the Sanctuary’s secret. Hardly anyone but the Elders knew. She was the last of her kind.
She heard something behind her, but thought nothing of it. The quiet made anything sound sinister. She kept walking, but after going down a small street and hearing a noise behind her again, she got suspicious. At this time of night? Not many people were out walking, and this was hardly a street most people used. She turned around and saw the empty street. Her sharp eyes scanned everything. Then she saw it. A faint shape in the shadows. It was like the shadows were gathered to hide something, making it almost invisible. Almost.
Emerald smirked. Necromancer. She pretended she didn’t notice, and walked on. There was no noise behind her anymore. The necromancer was wary now. Emerald rounded a corner, out of sight from her stalker, and waited. Then Zafira turned the corner and saw Emerald waiting there. Everything pretty much went down from that point.
Zaf gathered shadows to her right fist, making it into a glove sort of thing, and levelled it at Emerald. “Stop,” she said confidently.
Emerald raised an eyebrow. “No,” she said, and took a step towards the necromancer.
“Don’t you know who I am?” Zaf sneered. “I’m a necromancer of extreme power, and of the highest order.”
“You just sound American to me,” Emerald noted. “And you have no idea who I am.”
The shadows grew sharp, and Zafira prepared to let them lose. “A Sanctuary agent way out of her league?”
“No,” Emerald smiled. “The last werewolf.”
Then she began to change into a monster that would be willing to kill everything it sight. Things are going to get messy…


  1. awsome story!
    its very funny:D

  2. I am the only true werewolf here -_-

    Come on Van Helsing, we don't need them.

    *trudges off*

  3. NIX!!!!!!
    God I really love it, get writing Mr. I can't wait for the next chapter

    *bows to Nix's genius*

  4. That's great! Are you using your version of werewolves there? Sounds like you are though I'm not sure. Continue!

    1. Haha, I just reread your introduction. One of the funniest things I ever read.

  5. Genius! You are an amazing author. And since you are using people from the blog, could you use me?

    I'm Kestrel Starr, Chinas first ever student. I got my first symbol tatoo a couple weeks ago. I also have very tiny Elemental powers. meaning, I can make a tiny flame 2 out of 5 tries. I have a vendetta against Skulduggery for what he did at the end of DB.

    If you use me I would be very happy, but you don't have to if you don't want to.