Monday, 9 April 2012

Harry Potter: Prologue- Notes

Notes by Finwik Rodin, Studier of Wizard History- Medieval Times
Recently, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose and was killed by Harry Potter, the Chosen One. The ministry was reformed and put to proper use, muggles minds were wiped and peace came over wizards. But this incident made me think of other dark wizards in history. Especially in my area of expertise, Medieval Times.  I looked in book after books of wizards who used dark magic to cause havoc, but they were nothing compared to You Know Who. Then finally, I came across the barest of mentions on a slip of burnt paper. Here is a direct quote from the book:
“Perhaps history’s greatest threat. The darkest wizard of all time was going to rule us all. It was luck that we managed to live. Even Merlin, the most famous wizard of all time was no match for Mo-”
The text ends there. Mo is not much to go on, but I looked through dozens of other texts relating to Merlin, looking for a name that begun with Mo. Not one had any mention about someone with the letters Mo starting in their name. Then, in my desperation, I stumbled upon a book written by a Merlin hater. Most of the copies of the book had been burned, but I found has one of the last copies in the world. Merlin was famous for creating most spells that are used by wizards every day. He was not known for fighting.
But according to the Merlin Hater book, that was exactly what he was famous for. He had apparently fought a dark wizard, and lost. Merlin may not be a fighter, but everyone knew that the few times he had fought no one had stood a chance against him. Most of the book was about Merlin stealing the spells and being a coward. But I did manage to find the name
Now I had something to go on. I looked for books about Morgan, and found little to quench my thirst for knowledge. A few books saying that he had brought wizards to their knees and nothing more. However, when I asked someone in a library about Morgan, someone overheard and told me that there were 58 vaults in Gringots that Morgan had filled with his stuff. I thought he was insane, but this was my best lead and went to investigate. When I asked a goblin about vaults to someone called Morgan, he surprised me by saying that it wasn’t rare in the old days for rich people to own as many as 100 vaults. However, most were closed as heirs wasted fortunes. Records didn’t go back that far, but there were so many vaults in Gringots that 58 would go amiss. However, a human working there told me that some people mentioned the name Morgan on their way to vault 441 the other day. A requested a goblin take me there, and to my surprise, he said the vault was open for anyone to go in, as request of the owners. I went there, and all I found was a book, handwritten, all about Morgan. I took them with me and began to read. Text is below [abridged]
“If you are reading this, you are either a Follower, or someone who knows enough about Morgan to look here. If you are a Follower, then we are doomed. If you are someone who knows about Morgan, this is your warning. The rein of Morgan is not over.
Morgan was born sometime in the Middle Ages. It is unclear when exactly, but it was around the time Merlin made the tongue tying curse. Morgan, like every other child in Great Britain, went to Hogwarts, very new at this stage. Morgan was put in Slytherin, and became one of the most infamous in the house. Best known for destroying a tower in fifteen minutes, killing eight students. No one had any evidence the Morgan was behind this, but they still expelled him. He was sixteen at the time, but was already one of the best wizards alive. Expect for Merlin. Merlin, a great wizard, the biggest threat to Morgan’s plans. Morgan wasn’t interested in blood, or how pure it was. All he was interested in was ruling mankind. Not just the wizards, but the muggles too. But to do this, he needed to become greater than anyone else. Greater than Merlin.
So, from sixteen until he was nineteen, Morgan disappeared. When he came back, he had power greater than ever seen before. He was the first wizard to ever master Necromancy, the art of controlling the dead. He could raise an army of corpses to fight for him, bring back shadows of the deceased to give him information, and even sometimes bring back someone fully from the dead on rare occasions. He refused to tell anyone how he got his newfound magic, instead giving a display of his magic by breaking all of the wizards out of Azkaban. He reasoned that the Ministry would focus on the prisoners, and taking those who were willing, he hid and built up power. He trained the people who went with them, calling the best Disciples, and the rest Followers. He led attacks on Ministry workers, picking them off one by one. Somewhere along the way, he found more secrets. He became more powerful, he found out more about artefacts, and most importantly, he found a way to become ageless without the philosophers stone. This also made him resistant against some spells.
Then he took the fight straight to the Ministry. By this time, he had over 600 wizards following him, and he took them all and attacked the Ministry, killing nearly everyone. This act forced Merlin to fight Morgan. Despite everyone saying how great he was, he was hiding from Morgan during this war. He was afraid.
But he was about to rule all the wizards in Great Brittan, and Merlin had to do something. He tried to set an ambush for Morgan, thinking he could take him if he was alone. Merlin was completely wrong, and almost died. He managed to Apparate away and got healed before he was about to die.
Merlin knew that he couldn’t face Morgan head on. So he made a news spell, now lost, that allowed a lot the surviving wizards that were willing to give him their energy for magic. Merlin became four times as powerful, and took Morgan head on. Morgan, thinking he could destroy Merlin easily, told his followers not to do anything. He fought Merlin, and realised that they were equals now. Merlin made a circle of fire, a magical tool that gives you more power, but if you’re knocked out of it, you die. Both a weakener and a straightener. Despite now being outmatched, Morgan did not call for help from his followers, instead he cast a petrify spell, which slowly turned Merlin to stone. They continued to fight as Merlin turned into rock. When it reached Merlin’s chest, Morgan blasted Merlin’s left hand off. The spell reached Merlin’s right arm, and just before it was completely turned into stone, he turned Morgan into ash; using a powerful spell that speed up the stone’s progress and in seconds Merlin was dead. All that was left of him was a statue and a legacy that would later be blown out of proportions. The ministry decided that all history of Morgan should be destroyed, and Merlin would become famous, but they would say it was just for his spells, and not for saving wizards from being ruled.
However, Morgan did not die. Because he had made himself ageless, and almost impossible to kill, he did not fully die. His ashes remain, and his followers try and bring him back every day. The ministry knew that Morgan was a necromancer and had a lot of control over death, and there could be a chance he could return. They created us, an organisation that we will not name for safety, to do anything to stop him. Since Morgan’s death we have expanded, and the ministry has forgotten about us. We hope that this falls into the hands of someone the ministry trusts enough to listen to. We have evidence that the followers of Morgan are close to succeeding in bringing him back. If this happens, we have no defence against him. The ministry is weak after the incident with You Know Who, Dumbledore is dead, and we wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Get this to the ministry. They need to know. We need to stop them before they go ahead with their plans.
Otherwise, we may as well be dead.”
I closed the book, shocked. Merlin a coward, killed by Morgan. Morgan rising again, and an organisation that the ministry started, but the ministry didn’t know about. They would never believe it. But I had to try, or we’d be dead.
I wrote this and sent it to the Aurors in the hope that they would tell the Minister. I can only hope that this gets to him. But I fear we are too late.


  1. Great story, but




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  2. Oops. It was meant to be Even Merlin
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  3. Wow . . . I can tell you put a lot of thought into this.

    I like how you've adapted Necromancy to fit HP. And a force darker than Voldemort???

    You better finish this story, or my mnpmtb will destroy you and feed you to the bunnies.