Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moving Forward

Wow, remember this old thing?
I've chosen to update it. Remember some time ago (a long time ago) where I aid I'd get rid of all the writing so I can publish it? I've done that now. Fanfics and anything I'm not considering publishing remain, but things like Stolen and Heroes of a Super Variety are gone. I didn't delete the posts because I want to keep the comments, but yeah. The actual stories are gone.
I was reluctant to get rid of them before, when I said I would. I viewed it as a step back, stopping people from viewing my work and hoarding it until I get it published. But I'm seeing it as a step forward now. And loving it.
I like to think I've matured somewhat, as a writing. I don't care about seeing a good reaction as much as critique. Sure I can get a smile from something saying it's great, but in the long term I definitely enjoy someone telling me what they didn't like a lot more. I can move forward that way. Being honest, when reading others people's stuff I usually just said I enjoyed it. I did enjoy it, and they were great, but I was never honest and said what I didn't like about it. As much as that might annoy the writer, who had just put all that effort into a piece of work, I think it does help more than anything else, especially a general comment on how 'it's great'.
I'm probably not going to write anything for this anymore. I don't write often, and when I do I try and focus on things I want to try and publish. I'm sorry I never really finished any projects and never gave anyone a proper ending, even though I had most of them in my mind already, but you shouldn't expect things from me. I'm too lazy.
I might post a snippet of something, but probably won't. If you guys ever want to read anything I've got, email me. I might have something I want an opinion on. I might be emailing a few people for an opinion as well.
Love you guys, thanks for all you've done to further my work. I owe you all a lot.
See you around.